Creating Microservices with Django Rest Framework


The whole idea is present to the audience how it's easy to create a microservice with Django Rest Framework

Type: Charla estandard, 25 minutos

Level: Beginner

Speakers: Alexandre Rosa

Speakers Bio: I'm a software engineer at Mercado Livre Brasil (Floripa). I've been working on the software industry by 17 years so far, developing applications with Java, PHP, Python and Go. I've also worked as a team leader and a teacher.

Time: 17:00 - 17:30 - 12/06/2019

Room: D - Invgate

Labels: python django django-rest-framework


This is gonna be a hands-on presentation where my purpose is to use some slides to present the DRF framework and then walk through the code showing how it's simple to create a microservice using Django, Django Rest Framework. The agenda is gonna be: - Introduction (give some numbers to the audience about Django); - Talk about DRF (Serializers, Views, configurations etc) - Hands-on session (Creating a simple endpoint using Django and DRF)